The Mannunaki Material, half of it known as The Chronicles of Planet Heaven, reveals compelling new archaeological and genetic evidence of the long-suspected genetic/surgically engineered origins of Adam and Eve, first proposed by Zecharia Sitchin in The 12th Planet. Hector Luis Bonilla, REE, MOH, rising scientist and new author shows how the Annunaki came to Earth to steal our precious gold deposits. The Mannunaki Material (both fiction and non-fiction [because they are related]) awakens humanity to the truth about our origins, it describes how we can overcome our gene-programmed skin-color-hatred nature, expose the shaming lies of the main religions, decodes the true reason for the world’s language barriers and helps humanity to tap into our dormant hermaphrodite/Manunnaki DNA to truly achieve the longevity and intelligence of our extraterrestrial modifiers as well as learn the difference between the non-existing personified God of the scriptures and the true super-intelligent Natural God that is the Universe. Last, but all so important, Bonila introduces the advent of the Age of Genuinism, and the creation of the Mannunaki Order of Heaven (MOH). This last one investigates why Earth's surface is giving us so much trouble, weatherwise, and the possibility of the creation of Earth's first aircity!

Who is Interested?

>>Those who wish to explore a possible alternative human origins hypothesis based on the work of the Assyriology scientists that transliterated and then translated the pertaining Sumerian clay tablets.

>>Readers interested in the ancient “myths” of the Sumerian clay tablets, the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels and the Annunaki gold-mining thieves: those who “from planet Heaven to planet Earth came.”

...Oh, you didn't know?...

>>The millions of loyal The 12th Planet fans, connoisseurs of the work of Zecharia Sitchin, The Earth Chronicles.

>>People interested in reading Alternative Fiction (STAR SECRETS) and Alternative Non-fiction (GODLESS GENESIS) adjacent to a common theme: Earth humans; we, the Mannunaki: Man, made on Earth. The Mannunaki Material includes Bonilla’s revolutionary new UNIFIED SPACE ACCEPTANCE, the best-ever patch scientifically applied to the origin of matter and space. Hot out of the ePress, the Work of this full-of-surprises author is becoming available at your favorite online ebook store. Start your journey of true discovery today!!


​​Concerning the mystery of God’s existence, there are two lies. Yours, and ours. Yours will say that what is revealed here is our lie, while you are believing that your lie is the true truth. You're just used to it. Yes you are, because you grew up hearing about your lie as it was told by family and church. And, who would not believe them? But we have a problem: We cannot teach your lie to the children. You know that our youth's mind is in between baby and elderly, and that they have the doubt of your lie. And nowdays, with the freedom of social networks and the communication isolation that cell phones provide to them, your lie is at risk. Our lie will ultimately be to them as the best truth they have ever heard. This will be so, since your lie cannot explain why God no longer speak to us, as the liars of the scriptures said that that was the case. Because they boasted that God spoke to them; that He gave them commandments, and commanded them to kill their own children. That doesn't sound like a god to us; more like star people playing god.

So, today, what about God and us? Are we painted on the wall? Why God does not communicate with us today? Today there are more people and more problems than in the past. We need Him now more than ever! The fact that God has been silent for thousands of years, proves that our lie cannot - should not - be ignored by you. This is the truth! This is what the books on this page are about… besides, people wonder why tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes are on the rise. It is not God. It is not the devil. Or Mannunaki to blame. Earth and Apollo (the Moon) are growing together as a binary system and the time to build floating houses and floating infrastructure is at hand. These books too will tell why this will be so… why aircities will be needed ASAP!!