EARTH IS MORE THAN EXPANDING. EARTH IS GROWING! Our research shows that the celestial bodies could be evolving mainly from the inside out. This takes place as a cycle and it appears to be eternal. Our research also shows that if the celestial bodies are evolving mainly from the inside out, then the universe has never begun, and it can never end. Mass-one space - electromagnetic information space, a.k.a., electromagnetic spectrum, a.k.a., the ether, enters Earth and goes to the center where it is converted into Mass-two space - regular matter, via what we have termed, THE CREATOR TRACK GATE. The Unified Space Theory has been published in this website, and it has been 25 years in the making. Please read The Fundamental Emptiness.

TIERRA ESTA HACIENDO MÁS QUE EXPANDIRSE. ¡TIERRA ESTÁ CRECIENDO! Nuestra investigación muestra que los cuerpos celestes podrían estar evolucionando principalmente de adentro hacia afuera. Esto tiene lugar como un ciclo y parece ser eterno. Nuestra investigación también muestra que si los cuerpos celestes evolucionan principalmente desde adentro hacia afuera, entonces el universo nunca ha comenzado, y nunca puede terminar. Particulas aqui llamadas Espacio-de-Masa-uno: espacio de información electromagnética, t.c.c., espectro electromagnético, t.c.c., el éter, entran al interior de Tierra y van al centro, donde se convierten en masa regular (electrones), lo que aqui llamamos Espacio-de-Masa-dos, o que se conoce como 'materia regular.' Esto ocurre a través de lo que hemos denominado, LA PUERTA DE LA CREACION y existente en el mismo centro del campo magnetico del planeta. La Teoría de Espacios Unificados ya está publicada aqui en este sitio web, y que lleva 25 años en proceso. Lea El Vacio Fundamental.



The first words of his on this cut video are "So where all of this mass comes from.? I don't know."

This is a copy of the email I sent to Dr. Maxlow on Jan 22, 2018, to terrellaconsultants@bigpond.com, but returned unsent:

Hector Bonilla <laspatriasunidas@gmail.com>

4:37 AM (1 hour ago)

to terrellaconsul.

Dear Dr. James Maxlow:

My name is Hector. I believe to have the answer for your missing E.E. mass. While you were talking, on your video "The Expanding Earth, Why is our Planet Getting Bigger?" (youtube), the reason as to why Earth is expanding kept you attached to the floor of the stage. While you were talking, something went right through you, from above to below. And that SOMETHING is what you need to find to complete your work, just as I explained to Mr. Nael Adams. Half of the title of this video is a question. But you cannot answer it. But you will, soon. I give you A+ on the explanation of the surface mechanics. However, the underlying condition: WHAT is causing Earth to expand still eludes you. To find out why our planet is GROWING you shall follow me. My work is located at http://www.mannunaki.com.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that I am talking about gravity.

Please keep up the great work. Me? I'm just passing through...