This website presents the story of planet number 7 of the Secret from the Beginning of the Annunaki gold miners of planet 0, Heaven. Planet number 7 is now the House of the Mannunaki. The title given means “Man, made on Earth.” Man.nu.na.ki. The Annunaki medically modified a race of hermaphrodites in order to develop a new race of capable slaves. These slaves were needed to work on the gold mines of Earth, a planet once known as Ki, which means “to live on firm ground.” The Mannunaki is able to read this introduction because you are it.

As a self-discovered Mannunaki, Hector Luis Bonilla presents the thesis of his twenty-five-year research on physics, astronomy, extraterrestrial life, religion and human origins.

A political proposal for Spanish-Americans, Espania,  crowns Bonilla’s work.